PRASINI STEGI, member of Landco group is a company specialized in green roof expertise and materials. Prasini Stegi today holds a leading position in the Greek market with the Prasini Stegi systems which ensure the development of planting on all types of surfaces and roofs, while contributing to the improvement of energy efficiency and environmental performance of the building.

The Prasini Stegi certified systems are recognized by international and European building certification standards, such as LEED, DGNB and BREEAM. Examples include the Athens College, which is the first Platinum LEED building in Greece, and the new Agemar office building in Kallithea (also a Platinum LEED award winner). Prasini Stegi (Extensive, Semi-Intensive and Intensive) Roofing Infrastructure Systems are certified by EOTA European Technical Assessment in accordance with the ETA approval 17/1015.

All products are CE certified, following the specifications of the Landscape Architecture Research and Development Society (FLL green roofing guidelines). The Prasini Stegi multilevel layering systems can be applied to all types of green roofs (extensive-semi-intensive-intensive) and benefit from high durability and maximum water retention. Prasini Stegi’s specialized products include root control membranes, filter sheets, drainage systems, protection & moisture retention sheets, special lightweight plant growth substrates, inspection boxes, grilles, safety systems, water management systems and more.

The special design of drainage boards allows retainment of the maximum amount of water, which is gradually delivered to the plants, while also allowing for proper root ventilation, and is best suited for the dry-weather conditions of the Mediterranean climate during the summer months. Their construction material is polystyrene which makes them extremely resistant to very high temperatures, while their high compressive strength enables intensive use making them also accessible to vehicles.

Prasini Stegi materials are guaranteed to function properly when following the typical green roof construction layer build-up.

Prasini Stegi’s continuing motivation for research and development has led in recent years to important collaborations with Greek and Foreign Universities through its participation in research programs. The aim of these partnerships is to strive for the development of technology and innovations for green roofs both in our country and abroad.

Programs such as the UrbanBioRoof program ‘Bilatelar Greece-China Partnership’, on the selection and composition of substrates and plant species for green roofs that function as biofilters for pollutants, and the HOLISTIC  program of “DPIRT-GSRT” (Development Program for Industrial Research and Technology-General Secretariat for Research and Technology), for the creation of integrated water management systems for green roofs, have had significant results.

As a result of ongoing research, as well as significant collaborations with major architectural offices, landscape architects, agriculturalists and manufacturers, Prasini Stegi systems have been applied to the largest and most complex projects in Greece in private and public buildings. Indicative projects: