Intensive type

The intensive type DIADEM-750 is selected for green roofs where vegetation can range from low plants to large trees creating a garden above the building, which requires regular maintenance (irrigation, fertilization, etc.). The special design of the diadrain-60H allows for the maximum amount of water to be retained, meeting the increased needs that some plant species may have, while at the same time increasing water flow, allowing optimum runoff of excess water.

The laminate of the intensive type comprises the FLW-1000 root resistant membrane (with additional sealing properties), the VLS-500 protection and water retention membrane, the DiaDrain-60H drainage board, the VLF-200 geotextile membrane, the light substrate type SRM with a 0.15-1.00 m depth.

The high compressive strength of the diadrain-60H allows support for landscape constructions, driveways, vehicle traffic, playgrounds and more.

Intensive type-indicative projects: