Semi-intensive type

The semi-intense type DIADEM-350 is used in low and medium – high vegetation roofs. Due to the design of diadrain-40H that allows the maximum amount of water to be retained in its specially designed cells and which is gradually delivered to the plants, it is best suited for projects where we want to achieve better management and savings in irrigation water. The high compressive strength of the drainage board diadrain-40H enables all types of construction on it.

The typical layer build up includes the FLW-400 root-resistant membrane, the VLS-500 protection and water retention membrane, the DiaDrain-40H drainage board, the VLF-200 geotextile membrane, the lightweight SRM 0.2-0.45 m thick plant substrate and low to moderately tall vegetation such as grass, ground cover plants, wildflowers, succulents, medium shrubs, etc.

Semi-intensive type-indicative projects: